Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Thanks to this A type Flu our teacher training college was closed for two weeks. What do you think about this decision? What have you done during this mini-holidays? Tell us your experience and opinion!


  1. I think that closing the whole institute is not really the best decision. Let's picture this situation: there's someone who has this specific Flu and was in contact with other friends. Those friends go to the cinema, parties, go for walks, etc, so the virus will keep spreading anyway! I think every place where a lot of people go to should be closed (shopping centres, cinemas, pubs, clubs, stadiums).
    Let's talk about the mini-holidays part! during this time I've rested and studied! We are having our mid-term exams in a few weeks and most of us have to sit for a final too! One of the two worst parts of the year is coming!

  2. I haven't noted the difference much cuz I'm only doing two subjects but I guess it has its pros and cons, the good thing is that we rest!(we all need that, don't we?) and the bad thing (and it's pretty bad in some cases)is that we are on our own to learn the things the teachers should be explaining to us... so we shouldn't relax so much, it's like summer, everythings great until we remember the finals we have to sit for...
    Anita ;-)

  3. Hi there!!! I am right now finishing a tp at home. Luckily, i had the time to do it because the school i work for in the afternoon decided i should not go to work- law nimberxxxxx-, but the school i work in the morning, which also belongs to the city- decided i should. What a disagreement!!!Of course the situation was the same in both of them "i study in ESLVSBS that was closed for aflu reasons.
    This is the city we live in.


  4. I think we are immersed in a big stupid paranoia. This week, I´m not working on Monday and Tuesday because a girl went down with swine flu. What needs to be pointed out is that she was infected at a hospital and hasn´t had any contact with anyone from work for a long time. What happened in our city is chaotic and has gone totally out of control.

  5. I think closing the TTC was not a good idea. Now we've to study more and we have all the term tests together during this week.
    I think it has it's pros and cons... but the bad news is that is we are on our own to learn the things the teachers should be explaining to us during these 2 weeks.
    I cannot go to work either because our TTC is close... it's a mess! But I go to church on Saturdays and Sundays and it's full of people as well...
    I hope all of you rest... don't do as I do... and use this short holidays to stay at home, rest and study.